2021/2022 Annual Report

Key Performance Indicators


Net New Projects

The total number of projects that entered EDCUtah’s pipeline in FY 22, defined as an interested company able to provide three of the following: number of jobs, capital investment, square footage, project timeline, and budget approval. FY 22’s number is a new record for EDCUtah.


Project Wins

Those projects that resulted in a final decision to relocate or expand in Utah. Thirty-seven wins matches FY 21’s total and represents a win rate of 22%, on par with EDCUtah’s historical average.


New or Retained Jobs

The number of jobs that companies have committed to create—21,600—or retain—124—over the life of their projects. This is perhaps EDCUtah’s most important KPI because of what it represents—opportunities for Utah job seekers. FY 22’s number is a new record for EDCUtah.

$2.21 B

Capital Investment

Often referred to as “CapEx,” capital investment quantifies the total amount of money that relocating or expanding companies have committed to investing in Utah real estate and equipment over the life of their projects. Reflecting a mix of larger, more complex projects, FY 22’s number is a new record for EDCUtah.

3.6 M

Square Footage

The aggregate total of real estate footprint of project wins—how much physical space these newly-relocated or newly-expanded companies will ultimately absorb.

Project Wins


Every year, EDCUtah invites members, stakeholders, and the public to nominate outstanding individuals and organizations for their leadership in economic development. These awards recognize Utah people and institutions who are making an incredible, tangible impact on our state - helping to bring jobs, investment, and prosperity to Utah communities.

Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Cornerstone in Economic Development

Dominion Energy Loaned Executive Program

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“Having a Dominion executive on the team gave both our staff and our clients a more in-depth understanding of the utility infrastructure that supports both large and small business expansion projects. The people who worked with us through the loaned executive program were not only wonderful professionals, they've also become terrific friends.”
- Stephanie Frohman, EDCUtah senior vice president of strategy & partnerships

Nick Rose Award for Leadership in Economic Development

Mel Lavitt, past board chair, Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity
Private Sector

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“Mel Lavitt has long been a champion of Utah among the business community, and his leadership as board chair helped elevate the expertise of what was then the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. His involvement in the growth and diversification of Utah’s economy is significant, and his fingerprints can be seen on many of the successful businesses that are here today and will continue to grow in the future."
- Governor Gary R. Herbert

Thayne Robson Award for Leadership in Economic Development

Daniel B. Stewart, Economic Development Director, Cedar City
Public sector

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“Danny Stewart is truly a leader. He excels at bringing people to the table to find better solutions and opportunities for Cedar City and the surrounding region. Danny has a unique ability to adapt to changing market demands in economic development, and he's very willing to be flexible and creative.”
- Stephen Lisonbee, Senior Advisor on Rural Affairs, State of Utah

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