Comcast and EDCUtah won a Telly Award!

October 4, 2022

Last year, EDCUtah teamed up with Comcast to amplify the experience of diverse professionals who relocated to Utah with a We Are Utah video and social media campaign -- and the video received a  Telly award!

You can watch the video here.

The results were wonderful, refreshing, and a “we’re doing okay” shot in the arm. We can always do better – we MUST do better. And hearing honest expressions from those new to our state opens our eyes and expands our thinking. What’s more, in a subtle way, it makes us WANT to be better.

“As Utah continues to grow, we value opportunity and inclusion, and are excited to celebrate the many cultures, identities, and backgrounds of our diverse communities,” said Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox. “The ‘We are Utah’ video is one of many resources aimed at instilling a sense of belonging for everyone—whether they have lived here for a year or decades or even generations.”

It feels good to be a winner, and it is especially rewarding when that award benefits others. That’s what Comcast and EDCUtah were able to do by highlighting diversity and inclusion in Utah.

The wonderful thing is the four-minute video featured exclusively new residents to Utah, such as Nikki Walker at DOMO, who said, “I came from a city that is the most diverse city in all the United States of America. What I found is the people of Utah are so kind. I thought I was going to be in Utah for a year. What happened is I fell in love with the state.”

June Chen, M.D., Managing Partner, Mountain Pacific Partners said, “There is just so much to do in Utah. People here are industrious at work, but they are also adventurous in play. Utah is unique among the places that I’ve lived in terms of its real focus and emphasis on work-life balance and the fact that people here are actually living that work-life balance.”

Learn more about Utah's efforts to foster a welcoming environment for all Utahns.

Interested in Comcast’s diversity and inclusion commitment? Reach out directly here.