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Our mission is to engage with communities of color and catalyze private and philanthropic partnerships to remedy racial disparities in economic opportunity, education, health, and housing in Utah.

Utah’s minority populations are more likely to have higher poverty rates, lower educational achievement, and higher housing cost burdens, according to a 2021 report published by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute and sponsored by Zion’s Bank.

The report also found that Utah is well-positioned to address these disparities, due to the state’s top rankings in social capital, family stability, income equality, and social mobility.

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CEOB's Vision & Principles

Our vision is that Utahns of all races can realize and contribute their best selves to the economic, social, cultural, and political life of the state in an environment of welcoming, inclusion, belonging, and equitable access to share and grow the many resources of the state.

The Center for Economic Opportunity & Belonging’s guiding principles are:


Testing, iterating, and adapting new approaches that honor community wisdom.


Gathering disaggregated data to measure improvements in racial outcomes.


Recognizing the ways that additional identities interact with race to affect equitable access and community-led solutions.
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CEOB's Theory of Change

The Center for Economic Opportunity and Belonging  is a resource to tackle the disparities and lack of access to opportunity experienced by many communities, including those of color.

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Our Values

The Center for Economic Opportunity & Belonging has adopted the values articulated in the Utah Compact for Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (2020).

1. Acknowledgment and Action

We acknowledge that racism exists, and our actions make a difference. We call out racism wherever we see it and take purposeful steps to stop it.

2. Investment

We invest our time and resources to create greater opportunity for people of color. Eliminating racial and ethnic disparities requires our significant effort and investment.

3. Public Policies and Listening

We advance solutions to racial ills by listening and creating policies that provide equal opportunity and access to education, employment, housing, and healthcare.

4. Engagement

We engage to effect change. Broader engagement, equitable representation, and deeper connection across social, cultural, and racial lines will uphold the principle “nothing about us, without us.” This phrase, initially associated with disability rights activists in the U.S., demands centering on the voices of those who are impacted by inequity.

5. Movement, Not a Moment

Utahns unite behind a common goal to create equal opportunity. We affirm our commitment will not just be a passing moment but a legacy movement of social, racial, and economic justice.


Utah Digital Skills Videos

The state of Utah is currently working on a statewide broadband connectivity plan. Community input, especially from New Americans, is vital in understanding the needs of every Utahn. To get this community input into the statewide plan, The Center for Economic Opportunity and Belonging created a Digital Access Survey. This feedback will help inform ways the state can work to ensure better internet accessibility.

Building Belonging Through Storytelling

We’ve all had moments when we felt like we didn’t belong. Sharing our stories and listening to the experiences of others can help combat isolation and foster warm personal connections.

Produced by Comcast, EDCUtah, and the CEOB, this video was created as a resource for Utah employers who want to build cultures of belonging in the workplace.  The video explores the power of storytelling in creating connection.

Utahns Who Found Belonging

The Telly Award-winning video "We Are Utah" features Utah executives from a variety of backgrounds as they share their Utah stories. This video - produced by Comcast, EDCUtah, and the CEOB - is intended to serve as a resource for companies seeking to recruit and retain talent from diverse backgrounds.

What We've Accomplished

In year one, CEOB set out to catalyze the principles of the Utah Compact for Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion by partnering with the private sector, the Governor's Office, and Utah’s multicultural communities to co-create strategies that expand value, opportunity, and life outcomes for all Utahns. We are pleased to provide an overview of what we've accomplished.

Read the CEOB Fiscal Year 2022 REport

Our Supporters

CEOB is housed under the EDCUtah Foundation, a 501(c)3 with separate funding from EDCUtah’s economic development 501(c)6.

CEOB is supported by grants from the Walton Family Foundation, the Jacquelyn and Gregory Zehner Foundation, the Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation, and Bank of America.

How can businesses participate in the Center’s mission and programs?

First, learn about Utah’s changing demographics and the positive impact New Americans have on our economy:

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