Next Steps for the Center for Economic Opportunity & Belonging

August 19, 2022

We are pleased to announce an exciting development in our Center for Economic Opportunity & Belonging (CEOB).

In June 2021, EDCUtah launched the CEOB as a 501c3 subsidiary of our existing 501c6. With seed funding from three philanthropic partners and support from EDCUtah’s Diversity Advisory Committee, CEOB was founded to serve as the private sector’s commitment to the Utah Compact on Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. In year one, it committed to launching three key programs and contributed to multiple legacy strategies aimed at closing gaps in economic opportunity in Utah. You can read more in the CEOB FY22 Year End Report.

We are delighted to report that in its first twelve months, CEOB built a recognized brand, strengthened partnerships throughout the state in both the public and private sectors, and established itself as a reliable expert in elevating community-informed investment opportunities to close disparities tied to race and ethnicity in Utah. EDCUtah is proud to have been a partner in that success.

As we transition to year two, EDCUtah and the CEOB are launching a process to amplify and broaden CEOB’s impact. We aim to identify a sustainable, long-term strategy for the CEOB where it can connect willing funders to community-led initiatives in all four areas where racial disparities have been identified in the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute’s Diversity in Utah Data Book: housing, health, education, and economic opportunity.

We will work with CEOB’s Board of Advisors, current and future funders, expert practitioners, and community members to transition CEOB out of EDCUtah and into a position of broader leverage. EDCUtah will remain a key partner in areas related to economic opportunity while CEOB will be positioned to partner with other expert stakeholders on the three remaining pillars. A key facet of CEOB’s expansion will be a legacy fund aimed at closing racial disparities in Utah.

With support from our funders, we will hire a consulting team to ensure a successful transition. We expect CEOB to be up and running with these changes by July 2023.

As CEOB graduates from EDCUtah and expands its mission, EDCUtah will continue our support of welcoming and belonging initiatives for Utahns from all backgrounds. As a follow-up to our We Are Utah video, we will be launching a “Belong in Utah” campaign in early 2023 to help Utah employers create more welcoming environments for their diverse teams.

EDCUtah’s vision is a quality job for every aspiring Utahn. We’re delighted to be a partner in convening our community around improving housing, health, education, and especially economic opportunities for everyone who calls Utah home.