The BioHive is Buzzing!

October 4, 2021

The BioHive is buzzing – Part 1. The initiative has hired Katelin Roberts as executive director. Roberts has been serving as interim Executive Director since the launch of BioHive last year. Roberts brings a broad range of leadership experience in the life sciences fromoperations and manufacturing to investing.

“I am thrilled to take on this role and work more closely with our industry, its employees and the patients we serve,” Roberts said. “Utah has transformative science and technology, and BioHive will be the leader for accelerating life sciences by highlighting our successes and connecting people, talent and capital. Our secret sauce in Utah is our community, and we have the right partners supporting BioHive. If you work in this industry or you support the industry, you’re already a member of BioHive and the work you are doing is important and valuable.”

More here.


The BioHive is buzzing – Part 2. BioUtah has published their annual Biosphere magazine, highlighting Utah’s life sciences industry. One amazing stat: In 2020, when the state experienced an overall 1.8% contraction in average employment, the life sciences industry experienced employment growth of 7.2%.

And EDCUtah’s Theresa A. Foxley weighs in on page 29. “BioHive is an engaging brand that puts a spotlight on the innovations arising in Utah’s life sciences industry. It will accelerate the industry’s economic impact through attracting talent and venture capital investment.”

Read the magazine here.