EDCUtah Research Team 2019 Year in Review

March 9, 2020

EDCUtah’s Research team supports our Business Development and Community Development efforts on a daily basis. The team also responds to requests from EDCUtah public sector investors. Here are some highlights from 2019 activities:

The team completed 486 total requests, with each request taking about 44 minutes to complete. This compares to 700 requests/25 minutes per request in 2018.

Business cost data, business lists in a given geography/industry, and occupation data were the most frequently requested categories.

When it comes to other U.S. states, the top comparative analyses focused on California (47 requests), Texas (46), Arizona and Colorado (36), and Nevada and Washington (34). New York (16) and Florida (9) were the top eastern comparative states.

In terms of requests by county, most focused on Wasatch Front counties. However for the first time in EDCUtah’s history, each county in the state was the focus of at least one analysis.

“EDCUtah’s research staff is among the best in the nation,” said Matt Hilburn, vice president of research and marketing. “They regularly research best practices, attend training conferences across the country, and even won a national award for their work. If you need data to decide if Utah is the right place for your business expansion, this is the team to call.”

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