EDCUtah Development Ready Communities Program “Graduates” First Class

October 23, 2020

Support service is designed to help cities and counties know their strengths, grow their economies

SALT LAKE CITY (October 23, 2020) —The Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah) announced today that eight cities and counties have successfully completed the Development Ready Communities (DRC) Program. The five-stage program was launched in April 2019.

“The Development Ready Communities Program is designed to better prepare our community partners to attract and grow competitive companies and foster the expansion of local businesses. It has been great to see city and county participants utilize the data provided through the program to strengthen local economic development strategic plans,” said Theresa Foxley, president and CEO of EDCUtah.

The eight participants to have completed the program include:

Box Elder County

Brigham City

Cedar City

Grand County

Orem City

San Juan County

South Jordan City

Syracuse City

“After participating in training sessions, we’ve seen the quantity and quality of local partners’ responses to our Requests for Information improve dramatically. Communities are better prepared for site visits. Interaction between communities, statewide, has been enhanced. Engagement with EDCUtah’s private sector partner companies has increased,” said Alan Rindlisbacher, EDCUtah director of community strategy.

A virtual “graduation” ceremony took place Friday, October 23 during an EDCUtah Investor town hall.

“The process pulled together so many of the pieces for how the state and EDCUtah are doing business recruitment. For me it is helpful to understand an organization's strategy, organization, and structure so that I can know how to best partner and integrate the partnership into my office's strategy,” said Natalie Randall, economic development director of San Juan County. “The Community Assessment SWOT analysis in particular is regularly referenced here, and has been a particularly helpful tool for our local businesses looking to reinvest in our county.”

“I have learned so much in the DRC sessions and have met so many individuals who have a tremendous amount of experience.  I value all that I have learned and will apply that education to improving the future for Grand County,” said Elaine Gizler, economic development director of Grand County. “The continued support of EDCUtah to raise the bar for economic development in our rural communities is valuable.”

Available to public members of EDCUtah, the program provides a structured, comprehensive and efficient methodology, taught in part by subject matter experts affiliated with EDCUtah. EDCUtah’s Community Strategy team assists members through the five stages of economic development preparedness, including Community Assessment, Planning, Community Marketing, Training and Preparation, and EDCUtah Integration and Support.

“As we’ve involved both public and private sector partners to help with the instruction in the training sessions, both the teachers and learners have benefited. All told, we think the DRC Program is making a positive difference as we work together with our local economic development partners—Team Utah—to build Utah’s economy,” Rindlisbacher continued.

For more information on the DRC Program, contact Alan Rindlisbacher at 801-323-4241 or