EDCUtah Announces Changes to Its Organizational Structure

August 31, 2021

As we prepare to bid so long to Mike Flynn this week, I am pleased to announce a restructuring of our organization to unlock more of the amazing talent we already have on our team. We feel these changes are a natural evolution of EDCUtah and that they will position our organization to address the changing needs of our investors, state, and clients.

First, Jill Kirsling, in addition to serving as CFO, will act as our Director of Internal Business Operations. Her responsibilities will include finance, budgeting, facilities, and human resources.

Second, Stephanie Frohman will serve as our Senior Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships. Her new role will expand on her existing work with our private sector investors and strategic initiatives. Further, Stephanie will oversee the work of Ze Min Xiao and the EDCUtah Center of Economic Opportunity and Belonging.

Happily, our two existing VPs will carry on in their current roles. Matt Hilburn will continue to serve as Vice President of Research and Marketing and Colby Cooley as Vice President of Business Development.

This is an outstanding team with terrific capabilities, an excellent attitude towards our mission, and a passion for our state. I have faith in our team and am thoroughly excited to watch them succeed moving forward.

- Theresa A. Foxley, president and CEO

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