DMOS Collective Finds Utah “Shovel-Ready”

15 jobs

6,700 square feet

Project Spade

October 29, 2021

The Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah), Salt Lake City, and the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity (Go Utah) are pleased to announce that DMOS Collective is moving its operations from Wyoming to Utah, bringing up to 15 jobs to the state in the next several years.

DMOS Collective designs, manufactures and distributes pro grade, American-made car, off-road, and snow shovels, storage products, and goods. The company was founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2015 with a successful Kickstarter campaign for a tough, packable shovel that could thrive under heavy loads in remote, mountain environments.  Since then, DMOS has built three collections of premium, pro-grade shovels each of which serves a different function for car, truck, hunt camp, base camp, or home.  DMOS’s shovels are used by everyday roadtrippers as well as overlanders, off-roaders, van lifers, hunters, skiers and snowboarders, as well as enforcers, defenders, and responders.  DMOS is sold direct to consumers as well as through premium off-road, overland and van build dealers and outdoor and sporting goods retailers such as REI.  

“Not only has DMOS picked a great four-season location for product development that is close to adventure spots, national parks, and off-road terrain, it has also selected an ideal shipping location with better access to centralized routes and freight,” said Dan Hemmert, Go Utah’s executive director.

“As an American manufacturing firm, we have been able to harness the power of our mostly Salt Lake-based supply chain to grow this year.  However, it became increasingly clear, as we’ve carefully analyzed our operations, that DMOS would do better by relocating closer to our suppliers. With this move, we can innovate faster as well as will tap into Salt Lake’s dynamic, entrepreneurial workforce to grow our team. Salt Lake is already one of our largest consumer markets and our marketing team solicited input on our move on our social media channels. Our fans frequently named Salt Lake as where they wanted to see us move so it’s a win-win all around,” said Susan Pieper, Founder and CEO ofDMOS.

The company is leasing approximately 6,700 square feet for manufacturing, assembly, and distribution at its new location in Salt Lake City.  It is also hiring for warehouse and customer service associates.  More at

“Salt Lake City prides itself on being a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. DMOS fits that profile well and I’m confident they’ll find a vast network of industry partners to collaborate with as well as a capable workforce,” said Ben Kolendar, Director of Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development. “We’re proud they’ve chosen Utah’s capital city for their expansion.”

“We often speak of Utah as the Crossroads of the West in terms of distribution and logistics,” said Theresa A. Foxley, president and CEO of EDCUtah. “DMOS Collective also views our geographic location as a plus in marketing. With proximity to our international airport, they can reach their major markets and industry trade shows quickly and conveniently.”

Stephanie Pack led Project Spade for EDCUtah. 

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