A Quick Summary of Utah and the Census

August 13, 2021

Utah Policy – edited by Holly Richardson – gives a concise summary of Utah findings in the latest Census:

- Utah grew at the fastest rate of any state in thenation: 18.37%.

- We are also the youngest state in the nation and are seeing an increase in diversity.*

- By numbers, Salt Lake County added the most new residents. By percentage, Wasatch County grew at a whopping 47.8%, the 7th-fastest growing county in the nation.

- Wasatch County is followed by Washington (30.5%),Morgan (29.8%), Utah (27.7%) and Tooele (24.9%).


Side note*: According to the Deseret News…Nearly 1 in 4 Utahns is a racial or ethnic minority, up from about 1 in 5 a decade earlier.

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